Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photos from my Weekend: A Trip to Upstate NY

For years I've been hearing about the wonder that is my sister-in-law Jackie's grandparent's home in upstate NY. The restaurant turned family home is situated in the mountains between Lake George and Lake Champlain and sits on hundreds of acres covered by woods and meadows alike. This past weekend I was fortunate enough to snag an invite to the family reunion hosted on their picturesque property. Needless to say, photos abound!

I could get used to this morning walk
Fun remnants from the restaurant days, and an early Jackie original!
Gorgeous memories fill the house
A quick trip to Middlebury, VT to tour the Woodchuck Cidery
The kind of woods to get lost in, and a brother navigating us very intently
Whenever you find yourself on a mountain top, you must make yourself a fairy crown
A photogenic family

I'm so happy I got the chance to have a weekend away in such a gorgeous place! Here's hoping I'm invited back :)


  1. Wonderful photos as usual! You've captured the magic of Craig Farm in a weekend! I'm sure my grandfather would enjoy some of these to display.

  2. Wow! i wish i could live in a country side one day. lovely neighborhood, lovely house, and a mountain to hike and nature to explore. i'm sold

  3. Wow that's beautiful! Great views, I haven't seen the countryside in too long :(

  4. Kristyn @ Milk + CrownAugust 7, 2013 at 4:59 PM

    Wow theses are so gorgeous! What a beautiful area :) And I love your flower crown, how cute!

  5. Gorgeous photos! I love seeing travel photos from within the U.S.; too often I feel like we forget about America's beautiful landscapes in our hurry to see other countries.

  6. Amazing pictures. Looks like you had a great time too. Lovely :)

  7. Um, LOVING those flowers in your hair! So lovely, especially with all the lush green surrounding you. I saw your sponsor highlight on the Nectar Collective and popped over to say hello. Lovely things going on here. I'm excited to follow your adventures on your blog and Twitter!

  8. It really is beautiful & you captured some gorgeous photographs (: I am with you on getting used to that as my morning walk. There's something so inspiring about waking up to something so beautiful (:

    Zauni | The Kind Side

  9. Found your blog through the Nectar Collective :)
    And what stunning pictures! Must have been an awesome weekend and the dogs are just too cute ;) have a nice week!

  10. Gorgeous photos!! Looks like a dreamy time.

    Beautiful blog you have.




  11. This place looks like a magical escape! My kind of place. I love your photography too! -Jessica L

  12. What a magical place upstate New York is. I grew up in upstate New York, just next to the always beautiful Woodstock. And your photos represent it so well.