Friday, April 12, 2013

What a Wednesday...

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A day late on the post? Maybe, but what's a girl to do when she's got to catch up on lost sleep! Wednesday night we had tickets to see Aziz Ansari at the Merriam Theatre in Ceter City and we took the opporutnity to turn it into a full night out on the town! Since the show wasn't until 10pm, we started with a late dinner at Tokyo Hibachi Steakhouse on 16th & Walnut. We didn't know anything about the restaurant going in, but Chrissy had never had Hibachi before and they had a Groupon, so we went for it! The place turned out to be pretty nice; good food, giant portions, reasonable prices, and the chef was skilled and funny. The weird part was that there was a group of three others at our table, and that was it. The place was empty! I shouldn't complain though, I guess it's better than the alternative.

all those people in the background worked there, we had the place to ourselves!

After dinner we still had about 45 minutes to kill before we headed over to the theatre so we did a quick Google search and found a bar that was right on our walk called Good Dog. I hadn't heard of it before, but I guess other people have considering it was pretty crowded for 9pm on Wednesday. As soon as we walked in, I fell in love; the walls are COVERED with portraits of dogs! (I think Chrissy fell in love when we found out 16oz PBRs were only $1.50) The place was pretty skinny, but covered all three floors of the building, and it felt like a relaxed place to have happy hour drinks or dinner. Definitely a place that we will have to check out again!

so many puppies!

After a few rounds of pool at the bar, it was on to the main event! Aziz actually did two shows that night, one at 7pm and then the one at 10pm that they were taping for a special, so when we got to the theatre the earlier show was just letting out and EVERY person was buzzing about how great the show was! By the time we got to our seats we were beyond excited. Even though we got our tickets so late, the Merriam Theatre is so compact that we still had a great view of the stage, definitely a bonus. This was my first time at a comedy show, so I wasn't expecting it when there was an opening comedian. I had actually watched Moshe Kasher stand-up on Netfliz the week before, so it was great to get to see him live as well! His set was short, however, and then it was onto the main-event: Aziz. He. Was. Great. His style is definitely goofy and he does a lot of physical comedy, but if you've ever enjoyed him on Parks & Rec or seen some of his stand-up, you'd love him live. I can't wait for the special to some out so I can watch it again!

Apologies for the long post, but this kind of excitement doesn't usually happen on a Wednesday night! Anytime I'm up past 10pm on weekday, I just have to chronicle it for posterity :)

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  1. You need to go back to Good Dog for a "Good Dog Burger", stuffed with Roquefort cheese. One of the best burgers I've had in Philly so far.