Monday, June 17, 2013

And I'm back!

Apologies once again for my temporary hiatus this past week. I missed this dear blog, but the small break was definitely helpful to keeping my sanity during the moving/settling process (plus, we just got internet back up and running). The many hours spent carrying boxes and driving back and forth was worth it though, because our new place is wonderful! It's a big upgrade from our last place and I'm so excited to start making it ours. Now that we're almost done unpacking, the real fun can begin. I already have so many ideas for how to improve this space, and I can't wait to share them! Here are a few sneak peeks at our new place (consider these the before photos), as well as some snaps from my weekend.

The entryway and living room (with some lazy girls). I'm already planning a coat/key stand DIY :)

Large kitchen (!!) and a big empty wall that won't stop staring at me! Plus, that light's days are numbered.

 The garden was yesterday's project, and it's ready for plants. The back porch is in need of serious love!

Reading Terminal Market

The rooftop bar at Revolution House for happy hour

Fozzie and Babette, there was a lot of chicken chasing going on

A man and his fork, ready to take on the day

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  1. I always love looking through your photos! I also can't wait to see what you've done with the new house, I know you girls have been hard at work!