Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Vendy Awards 2013 - Philadelphia

Last weekend Jackie, Chrissy, and I made our way to Penn Treaty Park in Philly to enjoy the 3rd annual Philadelphia Vendy Awards. Basically, we had an all-access pass to veg out on the best food trucks from around Philly, and we took full advantage of it :)

There was a lot of variety at the Vendy's with everything from fried gourmet cheese curds, to the classic falafel; from macaroons, to chicken and waffles! Our strategy was to divide and conquer, share the goods, and then go back for more at the best stops. At the end we got to vote on our favorite, so that a grand champion of the Vendy's could be chosen (The King of Falafel ended up taking home the title and bragging rights!). It was really hard for me to pick a favorite considering they were all so different, but my top picks would be the Korean pork cheese steak form Kami, chicken and waffles from Chewy's, the spicy tequila and citrus macaroon from Sugar Philly, and the lime-mint popsicle from Lil' Pops (is anyone surprised the lowest I could narrow them down to was four?).

It was a beautiful day with amazing food and great company. Definitely an event I will mark on my calender for next year, and since they have them in a couple different cities, I suggest you find one near you and check out street food heaven! 

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  1. Could I BE anymore un-photogenic?! Lol. We definitely have to make this a yearly affair.

  2. oh my word! this is making my mouth water.