Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sly Fox Brewery and a Rainbow of Vegetables

Philadelphia has certainly made a name for itself when it comes to quality and quantity of local breweries. Although I've been to a few local beer fests and tasted my share of good Philly beer, I haven't yet gone to visit most of the breweries in town (put that on the Summer to-do list). But one that I have frequented pretty often the past few weeks is Sly Fox Brewery. The location is unassuming (it's in the middle of a strip mall in Phoenixville) and the atmosphere is cozy (think fox lamps and needlepoint banners), but the beers are fantastic! They always have a wide selection on tap with new additions every month or so. Lately I've been favoring the Black Raspberry reserve, a wheat beer brewed with 1lb of black and red raspberries per gallon, yum! If a sweet beer isn't your thing, my second choice is the Rauch Bier, or as we call it the Bacon Beer. This traditional beer is a throwback to the old brewing methods with a nice smoky flavor (obviously, the taste reminds us of bacon). No matter your preference - sweet, smoky, or somewhere in between - Sly Fox has something for everyone (and their food is delicious as well), I definitely recommend stopping by!

Apologies for the non sequitur, but we made a veggie stir-fry last night and I had to take a picture to share. Check out all those beautiful colors! And yes those are purple potatoes, and yes I did squeal with glee when we cut them open :)

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