Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Things to Smile About

Ten things the make me happy...

1. Summer thunderstorms, especially when I have no where to be
2. Baking goodies (and licking batter off the spoon)

3. Puppies, and by that I mean any fluffy animal of any age
4. Recapping So You Think You Can Dance with Marina
5. Margaritas on a Summer afternoon

6. My family, and all their inherent craziness
7. Having flowers all over my house (and taking way too many pictures of them)
8. Harry Potter

9. Cheese plates for dinner
10. Silly videos of goats on YouTube

This might just be my favorite MBC post to date! Share the things that make you happy below!

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  1. Such a cute doggie and I LOVE seeing wedding pictures!

  2. All of these things put a smile on my face :)