Friday, May 3, 2013

What makes you uncomfortable?

Completely unrelated photo, but a pretty bridge none-the-less

Today's MBC is to tell what makes you uncomfortable. I really had to think on this one, I'm not that squeamish and I've been an awkward person so long that I've grown immune, so there isn't too much that makes my stomach twist with discomfort. Thinking back on the last few times I truly felt uncomfortable, there seemed to be just one connecting factor; they were all situations when I just didn't know what to say to someone. Whether it be a teacher putting me on the spot for an answer I don't have, someone telling a story from their life when I have no experience or advice to offer, or even just stressing over how to answer a simple text message, I find that I feel the most uncomfortable when my thoughts and words come up short. It's not that I feel the need to always reply or put my two-cents into every conversation, it comes more from the times when my reply is expected and the other person looks at me, waiting. I'm getting anxiety just thinking about these situations!

I suppose, though, that there is probably a lesson in here. Something along the lines of really thinking before you speak, so you can add something to the world and not just fill the silence with rambles. Maybe someday I'll have read and experienced enough that when I do come up short, it won't cause me discomfort, but instead will allow me to reflect. Not today, though, today it makes me want to high-tail it out of the situation as quick as my legs can carry me (so, not very).

I hope you guys are enjoying this deviation in post content! I know that I'm enjoying the challenge of each prompt and the reflections they've lead to. If you're also doing the challenge, leave me a link in the comments, so I can read your posts!

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  1. I'm with you on not knowing what to say. In social situations I always feel the need to fill the silence with words and wild hand gesticulations. But you have wisely pointed out that perhaps I should learn to craft my words more carefully and embrace silence. A scary thought!

  2. Well I am not really shy but in big groups a drink or two does help. And I sorta don't like spiders and hornets, and wasps inside the house definitely make me uncomfortable.